Fast & easy approach to identify and verify a customer’s identity with eKYC (e-Know your Customer) for regulatory approval

  • Verify customers digitally
  • Smooth customer experience
  • Detect & deter fraud
  • Compliance with AML,KYC,GDPR, etc

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Top-up channels

Delight your users with convenient ways to top up cash into their account

  • Support Digital and in-store top-up
  • Islandwide top-up points coverage
  • Available for single or recurring payment
  • Add your business location as a top-up point

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Payment Gateway

Enable popular payment channels to your business model, or integrate it for seamless auto recurring top-up options

  • Cashless & touch-free
  • Secured & safe
  • Enable digital payment to your business
  • Link it with e-Payment
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QR code

Instant and most convenient way to enable contactless payment or verify user identity

  • Useful for both ID verification or payment
  • Contactless & fast
  • QR payment for P2P transfer
  • Request for payment via QR

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Give your app some local touch with additional multilingual language support or to open up to new customers

  • Support Tamil, Tagalog, Chinese, etc
  • Add more as your business scale

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Chat Support

In-app chat support for your customers
without leaving the app.

  • 24/7 or time-based support
  • Linked to email or external support center
  • Integrate with ease

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Integrate with your business existing IoT (Internet of Things) products and more

  • Smart devices to link with the application
  • Create a smart digital eco-system for your business
  • Suitable for any business

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